Data Requests


Data Request Form

Requestors must fill out the Data Request Form, available by clicking here.

They must explain a clear purpose, certify that the data will be used in a way compatible with FERPA, and certify that they understand that the request and the resulting report(s) may be shared within Academic Affairs.


Requests for data are met (if at all) according to the following priority (starting with highest priority):

  1. Data to satisfy legal requirements.

  2. Data to satisfy accreditation requirements.

  3. Data to support mission-critical teaching and service projects, such as data required for adequate course scheduling and staffing.

  4. Data to support recruiting, enrollment, and retention projects.

  5. Data to support departmental and divisional projects, such as major recruitment or program creation and evaluation.

  6. Data for external requestors to support scholarships or aid.

  7. Data to support professional-development projects.

  8. Data to support scholarship projects.

  9. All other requests.

In general, internal requests are prioritized over external requests.


Where possible, personal information is hidden. In particular, requests outside of Human Resources must omit Social-Security Numbers, and for all requests, there is a strong presumption to omit middle and last names, dates of birth, gender, race and ethnicity, credit hours, and GPA. As for aggregated data, there is a strong presumption to omit information for cohorts containing 1–5 students.

In general, data in response to external requests may contain no individually identifying information about students; these reports may only include aggregated information, and there is a strong presumption to omit information for cohorts containing 1–5 students.