Core Learning-Outcomes and Assessment

Starting in the 2022–23 academic year, the College assesses eight Core Learning-Outcomes (see below). These components are introduced in a set of Core courses and continued in students' major areas of study.

Full-time professors who teach Core courses or capstone courses may be selected to submit course artifacts for assessment by the Core Development Committee.

If your section is selected, please download the corresponding rubric and (see below); enter each of your students onto a row in Column A of the spreadsheet you receive a link to in your email; and, based on a major assignment in your section, evaluate each student for whether the assignment demonstrates that the student displays achievement of that core outcome.

Completed spreadsheets are due on the grading deadline for the semester in question.

If you are teaching a course that is intended to achieve a Core Learning-Outcome (please see curriculum map below), if a rubric is available for that outcome, then please associate that rubric in Canvas with at least one of your assignments in that semester, and "grade" that assignment based on that Core rubric. For instructions about how to do so, please click here.

Core Learning-Outcomes

Curriculum Map

The following curriculum map associates SHC courses with the eight Core Learning-Outcomes. This map was approved in Fall 2022, with input from divisions, by the Assessment Team and the Core Development Committee.

FA2022 Curriculum Map with Major Courses



As CDC develops rubrics, they will be posted and linked here.

Assessment Schedule

Two outcomes are assessed every semester. Here is the upcoming schedule:

General Procedure

Even-numbered years

Odd-numbered years

Adding Core Outcomes to Canvas Shells

Instructors who teach Core courses may add Core outcomes to their Canvas shells by using the following steps.