Core Learning-Outcomes and Assessment

Starting in the 2022–23 academic year, the College assesses eight Core Learning-Outcomes (see below). These components are introduced in a set of Core courses and continued in students' major areas of study.

Full-time professors who teach Core courses or capstone courses may be selected to submit course artifacts for assessment by the Core Development Committee.

The procedure for submitting these artifacts is still under development.

Core Learning-Outcomes

  • CLO1: Critical thinking: Students will be able to assess the quality of reasoning they encounter, construct their own well-reasoned arguments, and formulate defensible conclusions.

  • CLO2: Reading: Through interactive engagement with written texts in a variety of media, students will be able to extract information and ideas, discern and follow arguments, and construct meaning.

  • CLO3: Effective communication: Students will be able to communicate effectively in both writing and speech that demonstrates an awareness of audience and purpose and sound judgment in the selection, evaluation, and use of evidence.

  • CLO4: Quantitative literacy: Students will be able to reason and solve quantitative problems arising in everyday situations, understand and create sophisticated arguments supported by quantitative evidence, and clearly communicate those arguments in a variety of formats.

  • CLO5: Moral development: Students will be able to critically evaluate their pre-existing beliefs about moral action and the good life, recognize and assess alternative systems of belief, and persuasively defend their convictions.

  • CLO6: Social awareness through cultural diversity: Students will be able to identify the challenges faced by others in socio-cultural settings different from their own, evaluate proposed solutions, and promote justice-oriented outcomes.

  • CLO7: Understanding human nature: Students will be able to use the methods of the natural and social sciences, arts and literature, philosophy, and theology to identify and evaluate different perspectives on human nature and its relationship to the natural and social world.

  • CLO8: Integration of knowledge: Students will be able to synthesize knowledge and methods from across the disciplines to address complex problems.

Assessment Schedule

Two outcomes are assessed every semester. Here is the upcoming schedule:

  • Fall 2022: CLO1 and CLO2

  • Spring 2023: CLO3 and CLO4

  • Fall 2023: CLO5 and CLO6

  • Spring 2024: CLO7 and CLO8.

General Procedure

Even-numbered years

  • Fall: CLO1 and CLO2

  • Spring: CLO7 and CLO8

Odd-numbered years

  • Fall: CLO5 and CLO6

  • Spring: CLO3 and CLO4

Adding Core Outcomes to Canvas Shells

Instructors who teach Core courses may add Core outcomes to their Canvas shells by using the following steps.

  1. Go to Canvas at

  2. Find the relevant course shell under Dashboard or Courses on the left menu and open it.

  3. Now, within the shell, on the left menu, find Outcomes and open it.

  4. Now select Find on the upper right.

  5. On the left, expand the Account Standards menu, then the Spring Hill College submenu, then the Core 2022 submenu.

  6. Now inspect the eight Core outcomes and click "Add" for the outcomes that are taught in your course.

  7. On the lower right, click "Done."

  8. Repeat for any other shell for a Core course that you're teaching.