The Office of Assessment assists in coordinating efforts for evaluating all aspects of institutional effectiveness for Spring Hill College. The goal of assessment is continuous improvement of student learning and institutional effectiveness in realization of the College’s mission.

The assessment process attempts to ensure that each academic and co-curricular program articulates specified learning outcomes and/or institutional effectiveness objectives and implements a system of assessment to measure these outcomes. The purpose of this evaluation is to ensure that the College is working towards continuous improvement and the attainment of established planning goals.

The Office of Assessment collects data related to student achievement, student engagement, and student and partner satisfaction. The Assessment webpage contains detail regarding the following:

  • Assessment Policies and Procedures

  • Departmental Assessment Plans

  • College-wide Survey Information and Reports

Assessment Information

Further Information and Inquiries

The Faculty Director of Institutional Research and Assessment is Dr. Tom Metcalf. You can email Dr. Metcalf at