Student Outcomes and Achievement Data

In keeping with our institutional mission, Spring Hill College strives to prepare responsible leaders in service to others. in order to accomplish this goal, our educational programming focuses on the following intellectual and practical outcomes: inquiry and analysis, critical reading and thinking, oral communication, effective and persuasive writing, information literacy, research, and scholarship, and quantitative literacy. These outcomes are embedded within each of Spring Hill College's undergraduate and graduate programs.

General student achievement data is published on a regular cycle. Measures of our student achievement include the following:
  • 56.9% of Spring Hill College undergraduates complete their degrees within six years (2014 cohort) 
  • The average Fall-to-Fall retention rate over the last five incoming freshman cohorts is 75.6%, while the average Fall-to-Spring retention rate is 91.9% for the same incoming cohorts.
For additional detail on Spring Hill College student achievement outcomes, please feel free to peruse the individual reports available in our Assessment and Institutional Research links.

Important Documents and Links

Policies and Procedures
An explanation of overviews, purpose, data request procedures, and training options for the Institutional Research and Assessment offices.

Data Request Form
A form to complete for ad hoc reports when data is not available on this website.
A report of aggregate college data that is updated annually.

Meet the Staff

Paul Darring
Director of Institutional Research
Office: LAC 278

Date that enrollment data is captured each term.
What data Institutional Research file folders hold.

Tom Metcalf
Faculty Director of Assessment and Core Development
Office: LAC 355